Sound artist, bass player and composer, works his pieces in an interdisciplinary way (sound, video and installation), through the several personal, academic and professional life experiences.
Material Engineer, electronic technician, with a Master Degree in Steelmaking, has worked nearly 15 years in factories, where began to pay attention to the machines´ noises, identifying the industrial sounds and finding out where the soul of the factory lives.
His artistic disquietude lead him to abandon the engineer career and devote himself full time to the sound art.
Currently he is a student of the Sound Art Master Degree in Spain, at University of Barcelona, where he has the opportunity to develop his pieces and participate in several sound art exhibitions and projects.
His works dialogue with the sounds produced by different kinds of materials, sometime not heard in them common use, or unnoticed in routine actions, but that are always there as a part of the poetry that is daily life.